Bypass FX bypasses other FX

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Bypass FX bypasses other FX

Post by Anthony Alves » Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:35 pm

If you load 4 FX in a channel and turn of the IN light on the channel stip for each plugin the bypassed plugin name now appears in the plugin header. Dont know if this is a new feature or a bug. This is iPad Pro view as you have no IN light on the regular view.

Another bug is if you change the buffer size to a larger size in order to mix with less cpu load, tracks can mute themselves and if the project is 96k than the track will go off timing. Eg. in a 96k project record a track at 128 buffer than change that buffer to 4096 and the track will be off timing. In a project that is 48k select a track or region and change the buffer to,4096 and the track will have no sound but the vu meters show audio for that track.
It is important to note that the 48k project had 96k files imported into it which Auria converted. This may have something to do with it.

Links to screen record videos of these two bugs are here. These are private and require these links to view they are not live on my YouTube channel so no need to worry Rim no one but Forum users will see it.

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