Itrack Dock with 2017 Ipad ... Focusrite not interested

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Itrack Dock with 2017 Ipad ... Focusrite not interested

Post by ReverendStretch » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:24 am

Hi folks

I'm one of the unfortunates that is having issues with my new ITrack Dock and Auria .... Having scoured the boards it seems this is a known issue with the 2017 release Ipad 9.7

The last updates I can find on the threads are from Corey in 2017 confirming that both Auria and Focusrite are aware of this issue. This is the response I have received from Focusrite .... as musician rather than a sound engineer some of the terminology isn't familiar to me, however, it seems they arent interested in a resolution despite having clear knowledge of compatibility issues with the ITrack Dock.

My question is, am I just wasting time with my Itrack (or similar Focusrite interfaces) if I want to use Auria? It's looking like Ineed to ditch it and find an interface that will cut the mustard.

"Hello John‍,

Thanks for getting back in touch with us today.

We're happy to contribute and share what we can to help initially with getting things set up at first through pointing out a few details we feel may be helpful and courteous when and where we can. As it turns out however in this case, Auria is an application developed for inner-application routing with no mention of external sound card support intended as per its support pages. This does not mean it will not work at all, it simply means based on the resources we have found Auria's design serves an entirely different purpose. Though Tape is an application developed for use with the hardware, it was not designed nor tested for use with other applications like Auria so we cannot guarantee efficiency this way.


The questions you're asking regarding issues with Auria and hardware support for external sound cards are those the developer will be happy to help you out with. In this case we're not going to be the best resource for you. We recommend contacting Auria directly if you have any further questions regarding use of their product with respect to hardware interfaces like the iTrack Dock. We did not fully test this application as it was not the intention of our development and engineering's goal to release the iTrack for use with directly. We have tested Auria with our iOS applications such as Launchpad, Groovebox and Blocs Wave which work quite flawlessly though this is a completely separate scenario altogether.

Hope that provided some insight concerning the issues you are having. "

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Re: Itrack Dock with 2017 Ipad ... Focusrite not interested

Post by Corey W » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:13 am

Well they are right. All USB hardware interfaces work directly with the iPad hardware and iOS. 3rd party applications like Auria or Garageband are just an intermediary application to pass audio in, out and around the operating system and hardware device.
However, I contacted Focusrite with very clear, step by step instructions on how to reproduce the errors users were getting with the 2017 iPads and iTrack series interfaces. These issues were never occurring with other manufacturer's interfaces or even Focusrites interfaces outside of the iTrack series.
Their response was simply that were not interested in pursuing the issues I found. They were able to confirm and duplicate the results on their end with the instructions I provided but they would take no steps to look any further or find any sort of resolution.
Your best bet is to just get any other interface outside of the iTrack series.

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